Catching Up

First, it was strep throat. In my throat to be specific. For the third time in a year.

Then, while in Jasper, my ToddlerGirl was sick enough to need antibiotics.

Then the Vomit Fairy paid a visit to our house. Piles of laundry and mass disinfection ensued.

Lately it feels like I just can’t catch up, and with more being added to my plate I don’t know if I will. Commissions, consultations, collaborations… It really is neverending in this business.

Part of me says it’s a good kind of busy. A productive busy, furthering my career and all that jazz. Another part of me doesn’t ever want to get out of bed in the morning and face the day with all its new challenges. I can’t even face my studio right now because it looks like it was also hit by the Vomit Fairy and puked up different art projects in every direction. I need some focus.

I think the Art and Faith retreat I signed up at the end of this month should do some good. I’m hoping it will allow me to slow down and regain some focus and direction. I constantly struggle to remind myself of why I am an artist. I have to remember that I create, because I am created.

Back to the drawing board, then. First up, as always, is cleaning the studio.

"What Can I Be" mixed media painting on birch by Meghan MacMillan, 3 x 18", 2016

“What Can I Be” mixed media on birch, 3 x 18″, 2016


Coming up:

June 23-July 5: The Works Artist Market with NOA (more info to come!)

June 24-26: Art and Faith Retreat (still room left! Sign up HERE)

July 8-10: Whyte Avenue Art Walk

Find Meghan MacMillan at the 2016 Whyte Avenue Art Walk!

My tent will be up on 83 avenue, just like last year!


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