Alberta Strong

Let me say, nothing makes you realize how incredibly blessed you really are like being inundated with images and stories of people fleeing the fires in Fort McMurray. I’ve never been there myself, but both my husband and I have colleagues who have evacuated the area. My hometown of Fort Saskatchewan has really stepped up in helping.

The Edmonton arts community is also stepping up. Thanks to my friend Jay there is a #YMMHelps art auction going on now. A dozen (and growing!) artists have donated art to the auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross. With matching grants from the provincial and federal governments, that’s a whole lot of cash going straight to help those affected by the wildfires. 

“The Narrows” by Meghan MacMillan. 5×7″ watercolour, 2011

I have donated my watercolour painting titled “The Narrows”. It was inspired by a winding stretch of highway in Arizona. You couldn’t always see where you were headed as you would through the rocky canyon, but you could  still trust that the road was taking you where you were going. A fitting metaphor for the people of Fort McMurray, I suppose. 

Check out the page here and bid on some art. You buy some art and help the Red Cross. Win-win!


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