Welcome! My name is Meghan MacMillan, and I am an abstract artist from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. Thank you for stumb

Finding beauty

So I have depression. And I paint beautiful paintings to remind me about the beauty of life beyond that fog of depression. Unf

Finally, some answers

“Is that all you do? Paint beautiful paintings?” One of my professors asked me that question almost 10 years ago.

Catching Up

First, it was strep throat. In my throat to be specific. For the third time in a year. Then, while in Jasper, my ToddlerGirl w

Alberta Strong

Let me say, nothing makes you realize how incredibly blessed you really are like being inundated with images and stories of pe

Changing Gears

The Fort Saskatchewan Families’ First Society recently moved into a new home, a newly-renovated former RCMP detachment.

Night of Artists Wrap-up

Over 10 years ago, while I was still in art school, my (then future) mother-in-law gave me a magazine. It was locally publishe


With so much going on I don’t feel like I’ve had the time to update you all on what has been keeping me busy. Here

Not a blue Christmas. 

I’m in the middle of my annual Christmas season painting slump. I don’t like that this happens every year, but no

New problem

So this month I have encountered a new problem that I’ve never had before. And it’s not completely unwelcome. Appa


I am thankful for many things in my life, and I will share them with you. But first let’s learn a little bit about me. I

Kind of freaking out…

So I’ve got a rather large project percolating in my brain. It’s been percolating long enough that I actually put