Meghan MacMillan, Artist

The Process


With so much going on I don’t feel like I’ve had the time to update you all on what has been keeping me busy. Here


I am thankful for many things in my life, and I will share them with you. But first let’s learn a little bit about me. I

Measuring success

This last Saturday I took down my show in the ALFA Gallery in Fort Saskatchewan. I’ve been asked several times if the sh

Morning Mandala Meditations

So, a lot has happened since I last published something on this blog a year ago (a whole year?!). Ironically, though, we’

Hooray for… Spring?

Ah, spring. Birds chirping, flowers sprouting, and warm sunny days! Unless you’re in Edmonton. Growing up I spent many h

Shoot the Puck!

An artist cannot keep themselves cooped in their studio. It is simply not sustainable. Without connecting to the world the art

Exciting times

As an artist almost nothing is better than being really REALLY excited about a painting you are working on. I often surprise m


Ever give something too much headspace? So much so, it halted any kind of positive productivity for the day? I’m having

Break the Silence

It’s time to get back in the studio. I realized it was time when I was virtually unaffected by an Instagram post of a ba

New Year, New Beginnings

A new year brings with it a time of reflection on the past. 2012 was certainly a year of ups and downs. Ups: My best friend ma


I’m trying to figure out if my creative lows are caused by a lack of passion. I’d like to think that it’s no

And today’s Super Story Answer is…

So it might not come as a huge surprise, but I watch an inordinate amount of children’s television. My son’s favou