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There are moments in our lifetime that we want to hold on to, to wrap our arms around and never ever let go. The most notable of these moments are also the most predictable, like graduation, a wedding, or the birth of a child.

But the small moments that steal our breath and capture our souls are far harder to predict. If we aren’t paying attention, we miss them completely. Such moments are meant to make life worth living, meant to be embraced and make us say “Yes!” from the depths of our souls. Unfortunately these small and special moments are often lost in the hustle and bustle of life, between business meetings, fast food dinners and smartphones. The smell of fresh snow, the warmth of waking up next to a loved one, or the beauty of a summer storm rolling in go unappreciated between Facebook check-ins and Twitter updates.

My art focuses on these moments in time, both drawing inspiration from them and creating new moments for those who may not have slowed down enough to experience their own.

My paintings range from small watercolours to large scale abstract colour field works. Large areas of translucent paint are poured on top of one another, creating expanses of deep, ethereal colour. Each layer is visible under the rest, creating new forms and figures in the viewer’s eyes as they continue to gaze at the work. Incorporated into these layers are areas of smaller details or patterns, which can range from freehand brushwork to stencilling to needlepoint. These smaller areas of detail complement the vast areas of colour, capturing the viewer’s eye and causing them to physically slow down and closely examine the painting.

I strive to slow down and appreciate the small moments in life, without interference from the very technology meant to capture them. This has become especially important to me as I raise my children, who seem to be growing so quickly. Such moments inspire my work. The initial pour of colour onto the canvas is always inspired by something seemingly inconspicuous-something that would’ve been missed had I not slowed down and taken my time to truly appreciate the world around me.

Above all, I want viewers to remember to slow down and appreciate the small moments in our everyday lives that can otherwise go unnoticed in the midst of our fast food, Instagram everything, Google anything instantly on a smartphone way of life. Slow down, stop watching life through the LCD screen of your camera or phone, and appreciate the moment, in the moment.

About Meghan

Meghan was born and raised in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, where she developed a passion for art very early in life. She studied fine arts at the University of Alberta, finding a love for large scale colour-field painting. Meghan earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2007 and was married shortly after.

Moving from the university studios into a small two-bedroom apartment proved to be an interesting challenge. Meghan was forced to scale her work back dramatically, finding a new appreciation for smaller scale works and experimenting with watercolours.

Having bought a house with a large studio has given Meghan the opportunity to take what she learned through her smaller scale works and apply it to the larger scale she loves. Meghan still lives in Fort Saskatchewan and stays at home full-time to raise her two children and continue her studio practice. Any spare time Meghan finds is devoted to promoting the arts within her community.

Meghan MacMillan


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