Kind of freaking out…

So I’ve got a rather large project percolating in my brain. It’s been percolating long enough that I actually put together a solid proposal and submitted it to the AGA for the 2017 Biennial of Contemporary Art.

And now I’m kind of freaking out.


Now I’m not afraid of being rejected. As an artist I’ve felt plenty of that already. I’m freaking out because it’s such a big, personal project, nothing like I’ve ever done before. I’m scared I won’t be able to make it live up to the vision I’ve created in my mind.

It’s personal in the sense that I have never delved so deeply into my faith before as inspiration for my paintings. I’ve only ever skipped along the surface of it, not doing it any justice. This project feels bigger than myself, like I can only complete it through the grace of God.

That’s not a bad attitude to have, though. I’m only here by the grace of God. I paint with the talent He has given me, and only He has given me every blessing in my life. I want to give everything I have right back to God in praise to Him. I am His.

So I might be accepted. I might be rejected. In any case, I feel like this is a good path to start on. I will still have butterflies when I open any correspondence from the AGA until I know for sure, but I think I’ll still get started on this big project anyways. But not for me. For God.


"How Sweet (the Sound)" by Meghan MacMillan, acrylic on birch, 12x36", 2014-15
“How Sweet (the Sound)” by Meghan MacMillan, acrylic on birch, 12×36″, 2014-15

2015 Whyte Avenue Art Walk Wrap-Up

So it’s been over a week since the end of the 2015 Whyte Avenue Art Walk, and I think I might finally have recovered from the whirlwind weekend.

Meghan MacMillan's 2015 Whyte Avenue Art Walk booth, day 2
My booth, on day 2 of the Whyte Avenue Art Walk

And what a great weekend it was! Despite the heat and the smoke there were lots of visitors. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and bought a necklace or some cards. A big thank you to those who stopped just to say how much they loved my work! It was so great to see so many of you, both old and new friends. I sold so many greeting cards I had to restock! Many of you asked who makes my cards/business cards/stickers. I get them all at If you want to learn more, please help out an artist and use my referral link:

Speaking of business cards, I handed many of them out with the reminder that “Yes, I do commissions!” and I hope to hear from some of you soon. I am also excited about the potential opportunity to collaborate with a local clothing company, Hot Dame. Check out their website at

I made wonderful progress on some paintings thanks to the heat drying my paint layers so quickly and I hope to have some new work on the website soon.

Meghan MacMillan at 2015 Whyte Avenue Art Walk Photograph by: John Lucas, Edmonton Journal
Photo credit: John Lucas, Edmonton Journal

It was so nice to see some Twitter friends in person. I know I’ll miss some if I try to name them all, so I apologize if I miss you (comment, and I’ll add you in!). I met Dave with Bleeding Heart Art Space (and his kids), Jay (check out the mural he’s painting!), Kevin (glad you had a great first Art Walk!), Marie (thanks for the photo!), and the genius behind the @OldStrathcona twitter feed (so sorry I can’t remember your name!). I was so busy I missed being able to visit other Twitter friends like Crystal and Cryssie and others.

Meghan MacMillan at the 2015 Whyte Avenue Art Walk
Photo credit: Marie Iwanow

Up next for me: Putting some finishing touches for some gallery proposals for the upcoming year(s), and getting ready for the next art walk event: The Strathearn Art Walk, September 12th. Hope to see you there!