Measuring success

This last Saturday I took down my show in the ALFA Gallery in Fort Saskatchewan.

I’ve been asked several times if the show was successful, and I sometimes don’t know how to answer that. How do I measure success? Sales? Attendance? Guest book signatures?

Most often I will measure the success of an art event by exposure, and in this case, my show was very successful, despite only selling two paintings.

My opening night was well attended, as it coincided with International Women’s Day events. The gallery was open during several well attended events in the Shell Theatre, including some professional series shows and the local music festival. I received media coverage from both the local radio station and the local newspaper. And I signed contracts for two commissions as a direct result of the show.

“Slow it Down” opens this week in the Gallery at Milner in Edmonton, and I couldn’t be more excited. Finally, my work will receive exposure in a much larger market that is more accepting of my style of work.

Already, my show is a success.