Finding beauty

So I have depression. And I paint beautiful paintings to remind me about the beauty of life beyond that fog of depression. Unfortunately that very same fog makes it hard to get motivated to find those beautiful moments in life. Thanks to some help from my doctor, that fog is slowly clearing, and bringing back my determination to translate the beauty of life into canvas.

Now, where should I find that beauty?

No matter how I’m feeling, being out in nature never fails to help me feel better. For me, there isn’t a more powerful antidepressant than being in the midst of Creation. If God takes such good care of the flowers and trees and grass and birds, how much more does He love and care for me? The feeling of being cared for is unimaginably wonderful in the midst of the fog that tells you that you’re worthless and no one cares for you.

I love finding the Creator’s touch throughout nature. I love to slow down and let my senses guide me. The rush of water, the chirping of birds, the warm sun, or the smell of rain are all inspiring. I love to look at the small picture, finding abstract textures and patterns and glorious colours I don’t see anywhere else. How can I help but be creative when I am made in the image of the greatest Creator of all? Take a look at the work I created while on a Art & Faith retreat last summer:

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I have applied to be a part of the Canada C3 Expedition. I crave the chance to see a part of Creation I may never otherwise see. I plan on bringing a variety of mixed media supplies to capture the beauty of Creation, both visible and invisible. I hope to bring those quick sketches back to my studio and have them serve as a jumping off point for a brand new series of works on canvas. These works will incorporate the new visual language I will develop in nature with the colourful layering I currently use. I hope to use both organic and inorganic mark-making techniques in harmony, reflecting the need for us to live in harmony with our environment.

If I am not chosen to be a part of the Expedition? I have already booked the campsites I’ll need for a solo-car-camping-art-making trip around Jasper National Park later this summer.

I am determined to get into nature and create. I am excitedly for the opportunities my newfound motivation will bring me.

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