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Night of Artists Wrap-up

Over 10 years ago, while I was still in art school, my (then future) mother-in-law gave me a magazine. It was locally published, with “NOA” emblazoned on the cover and the pages filled with artwork.

“My co-worker went to this artist showcase over the weekend. I think this is something you should do.”

I looked through the magazine and laughed. “I’m not this good. Maybe in a few years.”


Years passed. I finished school. I got married. I birthed two beautiful children. I kept painting. Life went on.

I looked up the Night of Artists online one day. I saw an email where you could send submissions. I thought, “Why not?” and sent along a submission. After all, I’ve learned that you never score a goal if you don’t at least shoot the puck.

Months pass and I get an email inviting me to join the group for the 19th annual Night of Artists showcase. I sincerely hope my eagerness didn’t come across, as I immediately replied “YES!”.

Meghan MacMillan at Night of Artists

I’ve never had a booth with lighting before…

Meghan MacMillan at Night of Artists

Much caffeine was consumed over the weekend.

I had a great time at my first NOA showcase. I met some very lovely fellow artists and had the opportunity to get to know them better in person, rather through social media. Was it a successful weekend? Not in the traditional sense. I did not sell any paintings, but the paintings I showed were very well received. I sold some cards and quite a few necklaces (my favourite moment was probably the flock of little girls waving their $20 bills at me, wanting to pick out necklaces). I was even asked if I could scale up my work (Big? Yes! Like, side of a building big? …Yes!). Lots of cards were given out. Generally I will gauge the success of a show over the next few months, to see how many people follow up.

So if you were there, please leave a comment! Shoot me an email! Just let me know you’re out there, I’d love to get to know you.



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