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Shoot the Puck!

An artist cannot keep themselves cooped in their studio. It is simply not sustainable. Without connecting to the world the art becomes stale and uninspired, and the artist doesn’t get any feedback, good or bad. Most importantly, an artist cannot sell their art if no one know it exists. The artist must step out into the world and showcase themselves and their work.

And guess what? It’s really scary.

Speaking with galleries and submitting your art to them is a nerve-wracking experience, especially if your CV is a little sparse. Self-doubt creeps in: Will they like my work? Will they take me seriously? Do I really need a masters degree like all the other artists they showcase?

It’s tough to silence your biggest critic: Yourself. Eventually you just need to trust yourself and trust that your work is as spectacular as everyone else says it is (to your face, anyways).

So, I’m stepping out.

I’m sending out a few introductory e-mails to galleries who take e-mail submissions. I’m taking note of submission deadlines for other galleries and getting ready to submit via snail mail. In other words, I’m finally getting off my duff, and reaching out from my studio and into the world.

I know I won’t always be successful in my endeavors. Rejection letters will always sting, at least a little.

But you can’t score a goal if you never shoot the puck.


Photo credit: CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson


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